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Hi beautiful!

If you are here, then already in anticipation of a great holiday.
And of course we will help you to be a chic queen, a sweet doll, a sexy kitty
or a wild Amazon, whatever you want.

Let the swimsuit make you brighter on the beach and on Instagram! Thousands of rapturous looks, likes and comments! You deserve it! 

You were born to shine! You are here to dazzle with your natural beauty. Ksenia Breeze swimwear will help emphasize your feminine power.

You are special! And in the Ksenia Breeze swimsuit your specialness goes to a new level.

Warm sea surf, fragrant flowers, melodies of birds' voices, and you in a Ksenia Breeze bathing suit - a great picture of a beautiful life with pleasure and taste. 

Designer swimwear is made with the hottest trends in mind. And also in the collections of Ksenia Breeze swimwear there are classic models.

We take great pleasure in creating the models. All swimwear is handmade by the highest category of masters!

Beachwear: dresses, tops, skirts, shorts and swimming suits, bikinis are made of quality materials produced in Italy

Nowadays, it is not enough for a swimsuit to simply fulfill its function. You need it to look great in the photos and videos that you share on your social networks.

The variety of colors and models allows you to choose a swimsuit for every taste. 
Ksenia Breeze and the team strive to make swimwear to please you in your travels and adventures.

Choosing a swimsuit online can be exciting. We will do everything to make you comfortable and satisfied.

Choosing a swimsuit, you can always contact us for help and advice. We will be happy to find the right model and size.

Our site is filled with quality photos of swimwear and beachwear . It makes it easy to choose the right bathing suit for you.

After placing an order, you can make a payment in a convenient way for you. Worldwide delivery will allow you to easily purchase your favorite swimsuit model and very soon take a sun bath, swim on the waves and enjoy life.

Order a swimsuit with delivery in the online store, you can simply make a purchase from the product catalog.
After that, we will carefully collect and send the order directly to you in a short time.

You can also buy a swimsuit as a gift. 
Our swimwear is neatly and beautifully designed to please the recipient. 

We wish you a wonderful holiday!

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